Global Blockchain News Bulletin – May Roundup

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges the use of Blockchain and AI for agriculture India is one of the largest producers of agricultural commodities in the world, with nearly 18% of the nation’s GDP attributable to the agricultural sector. The Indian agricultural sector suffers a huge blow every year due to distorted supply chain processes and [...]

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Why India Needs to Hear These Thought-Leaders

Being the IT capital of South Asia and home to some of the highest paid top global CEOs, India is all set to jump on the blockchain bandwagon. The nation is a leader in producing IT infrastructure and manpower with more than 50% of its population being below the age of 25 and more than [...]

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India Inches Towards the Global Blockchain Landscape

Although the Reserve Bank of India is not keen on accepting cryptocurrencies as a legal tender, the RBI believes that blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt the Indian banking and finance sector. Moreover, with the Finance Minister of India, Arun Jaitley stating in the national financial budget that the country will explore the use [...]

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WISeKey India Pvt. Ltd.

WISeKey India Pvt. Ltd. Industry:Cybersecurity Website A Vertical Cyber Security Platform Founded in 1999, WISeKey International Holding Ltd is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange and has its operations in many countries across the globe. The overall WISeKey objective to provide secured solution including hardware and software components as [...]

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